Update on 2013 hazelnut crop

Intercropping for WebAlthough hazelnuts are only harvested in the fall, there is much to be done year-round to ensure the yield is at its highest, and the nuts are the best quality they can be. During this time of year, growers have their attention focused mainly on the orchard floor, making sure it’s clear from weeds and grass so when the nuts begin to fall in the autumn months, they are falling onto a clean and smooth surface.

In some of the young orchards, growers plant other crops in between the rows of hazelnut trees. This enables them to utilize the acreage while the hazelnut trees are growing.  In the photo featured, the grower has intercropped hazelnut trees with snap beans on land near Woodburn, Oregon. Much like in a garden, young plants need water during the summer, and the young hazelnut trees receive water from the drip lines in the photo.

This year we expect a little higher crop than last year, with harvest beginning around mid to late September, which is a little earlier than most years. Check back for other hazelnut updates soon!


4 Responses to “Update on 2013 hazelnut crop”

  1. Phil Croft says:


    I am looking for bulk inshell hazelnuts for export to China CIF. If you have anyone with inventory please respond with prices ASAP.

    Phil Croft,COO
    Hudson Pecan Co. Inc.

    • hazelnut says:

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, there is very little inventory however under the Buy Oregon Hazelnuts page, Wholesale Inshell section, you will find a list of contacts that should be helpful. Thank you!

  2. Hi ,
    I’m looking for grounded Hazelnuts to make German Christmas Cookies . Could you please tell me if I can and how I can order them from you . Or if you don’t sell them grounded , maybe you know a place that does . I would really appreciate if you could help me .
    Thank you
    Mrs. Holland

    • hazelnut says:

      Hi Ottilie,

      Take a look at the “Buy Oregon Hazelnuts” area of our website, you’ll see there is a section for diced/meal hazelnuts. Those vendors may be able to help you source the item you are looking for. Hope this helps, thank you!

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