This rendition of cinnamon rolls has been the introduction to all hazelnut industry activities for over 30 years. Growers are a pretty forward thinking group…but are not about to give up this tasty tradition. Makes 12 rolls.

      Grecian Pasta

      Grecian Pasta

      How about a touch of the Mediterranean with this pasta – you can enjoy as a main dish or a side.

      Heavenly Bowl


      This is a build-your-own bowl sort of recipe, perfect for serving a group of friends or family! Simply prep all of the ingredients and serve family style, with roasted hazelnuts as the ultimate topping. Recipe courtesy of Jan Roberts-Dominguez, from her Oregon Hazelnut Country cookbook.

      Roasted Hazelnut Toffee


      Careful, this is an addictive treat! Be sure to use a candy thermometer to get this toffee just right. Recipe featured in Oregon Hazelnut Country, by author Jan Roberts-Dominguez.

      Romesco Sauce


      This classic Spanish sauce is a melange of roasted tomatoes and peppers, olive oil, roasted hazelnuts and fried bread. Serve with grilled meats or fish, or simply as a dipping sauce for toasted bread. Recipe courtesy of Jan Roberts-Dominguez, author of Oregon Hazelnut Country.