The Nut Grower’s Society of Oregon,

Washington and British Columbia

The Nut Growers Society  (NGS)  is a membership organization made up of growers and other people interested in hazelnuts.  The governing board is made up of five growers plus two ex-officio Extension Agents and industry staff.  This group is the information arm of the industry, providing feedback to growers from both the HMB and the OHC.

This is achieved via four newsletters per year. The group holds a summer tour of orchards with educational speakers and a BBQ.  An annual winter meeting is held during the North West Ag Show.  The group also publishes an annual “Proceedings” of the year’s events that includes a roster of growers and industry vendors.  Whether you are a seasoned multi-generational grower or a potential grower, the membership of $25 is of great value.

The Society activities provide opportunity for growers to gather and discuss what does and what does not work in the orchard.  This interaction is paramount to the success of the industry.

Current NGS Board Members:
LeRoy Kropf, Harrisburg President (541) 995-8362
Dylan Bruck, Wilsonville 1st Vice-President (503) 919-1659
Tom Rogers, Sherwood 2nd Vice-President (503) 550-2640
Joan Firestone, Dayton Immediate Past President (503) 864-3515
Sean Denfeld, Hillsboro Past President (503) 329-1265

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