The Hazelnut Marketing Board

The Hazelnut Marketing Board (HMB) was established in 1949 by the growers and handlers of hazelnuts.  It is governed by the Federal Hazelnut Marketing Order §982 and funded by a per ton assessment to the handlers. The purpose of the HMB is fourfold. First it sets quality standards for the industry. All product going into a channel of trade must be inspected. In addition, all imported product must meet U.S. Standards. Second it is the source of hazelnut industry statistics for the U.S. Third it provides funding for promotion of hazelnuts through research, education and promotion programs. Fourth, it allows handlers to implement volume control when the board determines it is in the best interest of the industry.

Membership includes four handlers, five growers representing different geographic areas and one public member.  Diversity of the Hazelnut Marketing Board membership is encouraged – call (503) 678-6823.


Current Hazelnut Marketing Board Members
Handler #1 Larry George, George Packing (503) 537-9606
Handler #2 Jeff Fox, Hazelnut Growers of Oregon (503) 648-4176
Handler #3 Jonathan Thompson, Northwest Hazelnut (503) 982-8030
Handler #4 Michael Severeid, Willamette Hazelnut Growers (503) 858-7865
Area 1 Jim Pardey, Hubbard (503) 651-3216
Area 2 Bruce Chapin, Salem (503) 393-6327
Area 3 Dwayne Bush, Junction City (541) 935-4083
Area 4 Randy Coleman, McMinnville (503) 472-7897
Area 5 Bob Jossy, Hillsboro (503) 647-5668
Public Member:
Mike Bondi, OSU (503) 678-1264