Growing Hazelnuts Links

The following links may help in your quest for information about growing hazelnuts – whether you are a multigenerational grower or just thinking about planting that first orchard.   Most of these are OSU Extension publications.

NEW – Thank you to Jeff Olsen for the following series of publications which are updates of the single publication EC1219 Growing Hazelnuts in the Pacific Northwest:

EM9072 Introduction & Hazelnut History

EM9073 Hazelnut Varieties

EM9074 Pollination & Nut Development

EM9075 Plant Propagation

EM9076 Orchard Site Selection

EM9077 Orchard Design

EM9078 Training & Pruning

EM9079 Orchard Floor Management

EM9080 Orchard Nutrition

EM9081-Integrated Pest Management

General Information – Growing Hazelnuts

EC1219 Growing Hazelnuts in the Pacific Northwest 

EM8786-E  Hazelnut Nutrient Management Guide 

FS118  Leaf Analysis of Nutrient Disorders in Tree Fruits & Small Fruits

Orchard Economics

EM8748-E Orchard Economics:  the Costs and Returns of Establishing and Producing Hazelnuts in the Willamette Valley 

EM8556  Hazelnut Enterprise Budget

Pest Management in Your Hazelnut Orchard

EM8328-E  Hazelnut Pest Management Guide for the Willamette Valley 2015

EM8946-E  Identification of Invasive and Re-emerging Pests on Hazelnuts

EM8979-E  Hazelnut Pest & Beneficial Insects – An Identification Guide

EM9102 How to Recognize Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Damage in Commercial Hazelnuts

Eastern Filbert Blight

EC1499  Detecting and Controlling Eastern Filbert Blight 

Eastern Filbert Blight Help Page –  OSU Department of Botany and Plant Pathology

New Variety Information

EM8727-E  New Hazelnut Cultivar:  ‘Clark’ 

EM8640-E  New Hazelnut Cultivar:  ‘Lewis’

EM8836-E  Hazelnut Pollinizer Cultivars:  ‘Gamma,’ ‘Delta,’ ‘Epsilon’ and ‘Zeta’

EM8890-E  ‘Santiam’ Hazelnut

EM8914-E  ‘Sacajawea’ Hazelnut 

EM8987-E  ‘Yamhill’ Hazelnut 

EM9028-E  ‘Jefferson’ Hazelnut